Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unfinished Stuff

I make a serious effort to paint every single day. Sometimes I cannot, but I start right back up whenever I can. I mostly work evening shifts selling electronics and electronic accessories which makes finding time to paint more and more difficult to come by. I usually can only find one or two hours to work on something. Usually I'm so stressed out about going to work in a hour or so I don't have time to calm down and think of a good idea or polish an old one.

So, which leads me to this blog post. These are just a FEW of the things I found over the past six months that I've left unfinished. I cropped and made them a little more presentable. But, I can't help but feeling I ought to start finishing things. I've got this "habit" where I feel done with something just as I think it up or scribble it on paper. I don't know if I'm lazy but I'm for sure getting bored quickly of my own ideas.

Enough ranting,

The above is just a corner of a larger picture. I think I can get more success if I can stay out detailing a painting. Iadmire the techniques where the entire painting is worked on rather than piece by piece. Those techniques take a lot of discipline which I'm still trying to find.

This is looking way cooler than when I last saw it. I've got the biggest crush and skulls. I've got an even bigger crush on jack-o-lantern style glowing things.

Another frustration I have is getting the painting out of order. I'm putting "opaque" paint down before the drawing is even done. My hierarchy in my brain is scrambled. . . this is probably where my sloppiness comes from.
I like this one a lot. I started out a 50X50 pixel canvas and I enlarged it and started to tighten. I don't know why I never finished this one.

You know when you think you've got a good idea but you didn't plan ahead to make it succeed. The above is that! Again! Which only makes it. . . a kind of decent thumbnail painting.

Going back to my roots here. It seems if I use certain tools I automatically revert to my "anime" days. I'd rather refer to the "anime style" as an "anime canon". It's humurous how readily it is replused. I think people can "smell" imitation and shortcuts so maybe that's why. I've been told by so many artists about what style is or is not that I don't think it really exists. Like "graphic arts" and "jogging" don't exist.

Anyway, I'd like to address the above painting as an issue of scale I guess. I like the large eyes and baby-like proportions much the same way dolls are laid out. Dolls are formed as simplfied humans right? I espiecally like when on a doll there a zipper or a seam which is regular scale on a tiny doll. The hair is another example of scale. A whole paint stroke can't be the thickness of one hair but, on a doll it could be. I seem to remember in that Alla Prima book he was painting dolls. Perhaps for the same reasons above. I ought to read that book more. He's full of that kind of hard work and guts discipline.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

weird stuff like this

I've got to start doing not portraits. Especially of weird stuff like this.

Monday, June 01, 2009