Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rioarribasaurus Day

8x10ish china marker

The walkers today just aren't like they used to be. With 'mecha' around, there are no real 'mechs'. Man, I miss the mech days. Wait, did they ever leave?Ten minutes with china marker.

If you're going to make the eyes far apart, make sure it looks like you did it on purpose.

Gun turtle and toilet. To me it isn't random. To me it isn't absurd. There's a level of absurdity that I haven't attained yet. It's like, you can't tell how spicy it is until you've built up some kind of tolerance. And I can throw a meatloaf far. . . far over the mountain. Next you'll be thinking I've copied an entire anatomy book in a night. Don't believe it. I started just like everyone else. . .with stick men.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bruhathkayosaurus Day

4x6 Gouche on board

I copped out and painted the sun in the corner. All I needed to do was add some of those 'w' birds. That'd totally make it awesome.

Five girls talking about bulimia. All named Katelyn, plain Kate, or Plain Kate. "Katelyn! You don't understand! I have bulimia! I feel trapped." Sitting in a giant wicker chair.
Run! Flee! A montage!
Thanks to Glen Keane's Eagle Fact Sheet I sorta know how to draw an eagle.
I don't even know myself. Visual synthesis. No, you'll have to tell me what the heck it is.

Trees and various pole vaulter positions. I used to pole vault. I almost died. I almost died it a vicious skull cracking.

I taught a third grade class how to draw the basic shapes today. I didn't give kids enough credit until today. They were so well disciplined and eager to learn. I've never seen people so excited about life than these kids! Absolutely inspiring. The lesson went rather well. I didn't get as much as I wanted in but, they're just kids and they had just gotten out of recess. So cool~

Monday, March 19, 2007

2003 Retro Post #0001!

I've been asked a lot lately what I'm going to be doing when I finally graduate from college/university/'high school 2 electric boogaloo'. And I can't answer them! I do not know. I haven't decided. I don't think I will for a couple months. Maybe for a whole year. But I'm weighing my options and deciding where the heck I'm going to steer this oil rig of knowledge bullion.

I've gone back into the Grand Archive of the Daily Brains PZ! The glorious days when I decided that I was going to be an illustrator. For 107 straight days I was able to create consistent art, and blog it before the inane term "blog" was ever coined. Unheard of from the art weakling I am. But oekaki was on the rise and the crappier the tablet you had the better work you could make. Back when Falcoon could update every day and Sega quietly ruled the world.

Anyway, I've run into some creative blocks. Supernatural creative blocks. My ideas are pretty lame. So I'm going to make a return of sorts. What sparked me? What drove a sane mind into the madness of an unfounded art degree? I still don't know, but I can feel the heat of the blood beneath the poorly thought out works. Some of which are even oekaki and fanart. But I will tell you there was spirit! I'll tell you what I find.

Until then, here are some starlets from the 2003 PZ era.CIRCA October 2003
I drew tech ninjas before ninjas were cool. See what I was talking about? You may not believe me, but I know I was in before fish net stocking ninjas for sure. What is that all about?! CIRCA early 2004
An assassin drone. There was a story behind this. I really don't remember what that was. But if you're observant you'll see where all the fragments and parts came from. Yes, probably one the most influential things to me in the last five years.

CIRCA Jan 2004
Nightmare. Probably done with a calligraphy nib pen. Remember Soulcalibur 2 just barely came out of all three consoles. I had it reserved six months in advance. I remember taking the odyssey to the Jordan Commons just to play the new Soulcalibur 2. I still prefer the original but 2 is probably played the most.

CIRCA September 2003
Crystal when she was still shiny. Some say she's about the throw something. I love aliased lines. I'm bringing back. But this time in a REAL painting. I don't know how, but I'll do it.

"All the People Envy New My Guitar~!"

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day

Thursday Nights Drawing. This is the hour long pose. A hard one at that. I'm not allowed to draw were the light makes sense. So I'm standing on the surface on the sun drawing the model here. So squinting and shaking my head here is in order. It wasn't took long I was in a room full of amputees trying to grab live fish off the floor in hospital gowns. How come that movie didn't have a Jacob or a Ladder in it.

Close up of the face. I love how if the area got complicated I just turned it into an nebulous smoke screen mass. It's like I was pinned down by their machine gunner and had to get out of the line of sight.

Ten minute gesture. Everything I touch turns into a Spacekimo.
5-10 minute gesture(?). The legs were crossed so it got confusing.
5-10 minute gesture. I thought this one was a goner. However; I slowed down and looked and measured. I don't know what happened. But whatever it was it was awesome. Vector thrusting paint strokes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Massospondylus Day

Redesigning an friend's on character. Essentially trying to canonize things. However; I explore and not canonize. So, This is what you have. We had a couple refs to inspire the works. But I started making stuff up. We're trying to nail the facial features. The far left is was picked.
The body type that was chosen. Wiry and athletic.
She doesn't wear that single piece all the time though. I as trying to come up with a uniform he was describing to me. Left make enough sense. I can never figure out why huge shoulders in vogue. It does look like a warm coat though. With the bare legs an all. Cammy?
Never guess where this is UVSC students. Yeah, it's rather sloppy.
From photos on DA. Studying knees and overlapping forms.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Abrictosaurus Day

10x20-ish oil on board

Painting from the Friday Destruction Derby Life Crusher Fest. They say they liked it flipp-ed this way. So I flipp-ed it. My foreshortening isn't too great so she's supposed to be lying on a couch. Apologies for the bad photo. I guess this was about 3 1/2 hours to paint.
The pianist in my ward. Don't know her too well. She exists on a different plane than me. Still she's nice. Except the range on this one is about 20 yards. There's hardly any likeness. An hour.

Hands from memory. I get certain angles right off the bat. When you get in trouble remember foreshortening and angles. Compare. . . widths. If that goes off then just use a model. That's the cool thing about hands is that most everyone has them. Thirty minutes.

A strummer! grrrrr~! Stop strumming and start wailing! Grampas' guitars. . . . sheesh. I like the little lines one the best. When lines get little, you'd better hope you've been watching. Cause I wasn't. Forty five minutes?
15 min man from "Boom! Head shot! drawing class" I so ungratefully sneaked into. So ungratefully~!

The Crocuses have risen~! The Marines of flowers. First in. . . uh, first out? Snow will still be on the ground and they got screaming up. Probably my favorite flower.

I finally watched Omohide Poro Poro again. I mean I went out of my way just to get this all the way from Hong Kong. Let me tell you. It is genius! Absolute genius~! I loved it. It changed my life. I'm filled with love because of this film. Please watch it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Estemmenosuchus Day

Hey~! An actually eskimo on spacekimos. 9"x7" Acrylics on Illustration Board

Five hours in it so far. I think it needs a few more but I decided with was far enough along to post. I was surprised at how smoothly this came together.

If only I could get one of these done a day. The only agonizing part is trying to think of an idea everyday.
Oh, and I found I had the preliminary drawing saved. Kinda. It's super blurry but definitely cuter than the painted one. I guess I gave her a chin.

Oh. . . you must see 300! It was probably the best movie I've ever seen, mostly. I changed my life.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

RustyMetalsaurus Rex Day

Hallway Drawings. Guess who got the scanner working. Yeah. Sorry to bunch four pages together but I think you'd only look at them all if they were like this. I Dunno. Maybe I shouldn't make you enlarge it. Maybe I should fix it so the you can see the blue pencil. Maybe I should post finished stuff. . .
Oh. And this dragon. He's looking for some noobs and he's always hungry. This piece is seriously covers like. . . six sheets taped together letter sized paper in blue col-erase. I think that's cool, but it's not.

Also! I heard a little of the new Manowar album "God's of War". Holy smokes! Hail and Kill!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Xiaosaurus Day

Today we had a Civil war reenactor for the model. It was pretty rad. He let me hold his gun. I didn't shoot it though. Because, that's unlawful and it wasn't loaded.

I liking it. Some "aha" moments on this one. Some photoshop tweak. I'll make you look for 'em.

Radically yours,

Sher ner ner ner ner~!