Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rioarribasaurus Day

8x10ish china marker

The walkers today just aren't like they used to be. With 'mecha' around, there are no real 'mechs'. Man, I miss the mech days. Wait, did they ever leave?Ten minutes with china marker.

If you're going to make the eyes far apart, make sure it looks like you did it on purpose.

Gun turtle and toilet. To me it isn't random. To me it isn't absurd. There's a level of absurdity that I haven't attained yet. It's like, you can't tell how spicy it is until you've built up some kind of tolerance. And I can throw a meatloaf far. . . far over the mountain. Next you'll be thinking I've copied an entire anatomy book in a night. Don't believe it. I started just like everyone else. . .with stick men.


Aaron said...

dude the mech days will NEVER LEAVE!! even if i have to be the only one still drawin them, love the mech man. lookin good.

Jaxon Haggar said...

You are teh sketch king my friend. I only have one question: Where are the ninjas? When are you gonna get all "Big Trouble in Little China" up in here? I'm waiting.

paper-muncher said...

Lovin' the turtle teeth. The lighting on the toilet is supreme and the mech warrior still reigns. What would a Transformer have to say to a Mech Warrior?

Dillon Thompson said...

Yeah. China marker causing mayhem. Turtle!! Eskimo!! King Gainer!!