Thursday, April 05, 2007

Grallator Day

A low week in the semester. I'm drawing like mad but I'm not seeing any work. You know the feeling? Seriously, I'm suppose to be drawing comps and I draw this. This is like. . . everything I ever draw ever. They're everywhere! I think I can get away with that. And I do.

I assume I can just take pictures with my camera phone and get away with posting those. It is some what apparent that it is working. I'm still devising my photographing rig. Until then, keep both pant legs secure.

A gesture! Yay. The rest of the figure drawings from this class a sneak into turned out as horrible pictures. So, I'll have to photograph them with camera awesome instead of camera not awesome. I liked it so I posted it.
9x12 China marker. A head drawing from that head drawing another class I sneak into. I like the view from below. It suddenly makes it noble. Five minutes maybe. The time there is short so I have to blitzkrieg drawings.

9 x12 china marker. Another stealth head drawing. I sure draw a lot of women.

Oh, this photo came around. Still it's bad but, you can see it. I don't know about this drawing of a monk warrior (mo/w). I don't think anyone else knows either.

More camera phone photos from just plain life. I love that horrible little camera. If you're here for just drawings and painting and those alone. . .you'd better get a life quick. Artisting life is the best life but, where do artists come from?! Think about that.

All the trees are blooming with these here flowerings. This is a plum tree.

So I went to the No Fear tour concert at this forsaken place out at the Great Salt Lake, The Great Saltair. Seriously! It's surreal like Half-Life 2 out there. I could've sworn I saw some antlions and headcrabs out there. I took this awesome sunset picture there.

Yeah, as you may have guessed, we went all the way out there just to see Dragonforce! It was worth every penny and every fist fight.


Grassman said...

I love that charcoal drawing megalaros. Man it took me 3 hours to get ready to paint today and it's really frustrating sometimes. Good job going after it!

Dillon Thompson said...

Dragon Force. The avatar. YES!!

Aaron said...

dude rob you are probaly the MOST metal peson i know. i love the fave in the green figure study! lookin good.