Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brikabrakiasaurus day

Finals are over. I have a week grace period to do nothing but awesome. Did I do I do that? Do I ever not do that? Or at least try? On with the non-sense.

Thomas the Deep Frying Robot is making a return. I don't know when or how but this is the fatal beginnings of it. Watch as Autmn, Heather, and Thomas roll the mark of the beast and are scared to wits end by Alfred the Lucky Spider. I'm sure we'll get more frybread and definitely more ninjas. More to come.
Drawing in church. I'm getting good at sitting where I can see people. At least the front of them. Only small likenesses this time around. It was awkward. Some of them I just plain jacked up. Speaking of jacked up. I got to replace the clutch on my brother's car last Saturday!

We got this cool transmission jack (that red thing with wheels) to ease our woes. We didn't bother taking that exhaust pipe off. We didn't want to dealt with drilling out rusty bolts. So we beat around it until we got the transmission out. I had fun reaching into tight places and turning bolts I couldn't see. No bolt can hide from my long skinny arms.

A long exposure of my brother taking the bolts out of the flywheel. We took care in making sure we'd get the timing right when putting everything back.
The starter. Not sure why I took a picture of this. But I had to take it out of there. Nice catch!
The old one and the new one. I have a morbid fascination at how worn out the parts will get on machines. I would have loved to show you the rotors and brakes on my truck a while back but I didn't think to take a pictures then. Holy moly.
Whoa, ridges. Anyway, I felt I needed to share that experience. I'm pretty much sore everywhere. I even got a good nap under the car on the garage floor. We've got most of it put back together. We've got a few hours before it's drivable.


Aaron said...

dude working on your car is a good thing to learn how to do. i wish i learned, but not i spent $600 to geet my timimg belt replaced. sucks. your drawings are lookin great (as usual) where do you sit to get the front of people in church? i have tried but to no avail.

paper-muncher said...

clutch-tastic! I like your head studies.

paper-muncher said...

Oh! Are you gonna post your plein air stuff?