Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brikabrakiasaurus day

Finals are over. I have a week grace period to do nothing but awesome. Did I do I do that? Do I ever not do that? Or at least try? On with the non-sense.

Thomas the Deep Frying Robot is making a return. I don't know when or how but this is the fatal beginnings of it. Watch as Autmn, Heather, and Thomas roll the mark of the beast and are scared to wits end by Alfred the Lucky Spider. I'm sure we'll get more frybread and definitely more ninjas. More to come.
Drawing in church. I'm getting good at sitting where I can see people. At least the front of them. Only small likenesses this time around. It was awkward. Some of them I just plain jacked up. Speaking of jacked up. I got to replace the clutch on my brother's car last Saturday!

We got this cool transmission jack (that red thing with wheels) to ease our woes. We didn't bother taking that exhaust pipe off. We didn't want to dealt with drilling out rusty bolts. So we beat around it until we got the transmission out. I had fun reaching into tight places and turning bolts I couldn't see. No bolt can hide from my long skinny arms.

A long exposure of my brother taking the bolts out of the flywheel. We took care in making sure we'd get the timing right when putting everything back.
The starter. Not sure why I took a picture of this. But I had to take it out of there. Nice catch!
The old one and the new one. I have a morbid fascination at how worn out the parts will get on machines. I would have loved to show you the rotors and brakes on my truck a while back but I didn't think to take a pictures then. Holy moly.
Whoa, ridges. Anyway, I felt I needed to share that experience. I'm pretty much sore everywhere. I even got a good nap under the car on the garage floor. We've got most of it put back together. We've got a few hours before it's drivable.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Regnosaurus Day

I just post for the Nunavut. So you get more silly garbage. But they all make me laugh until it hurts. Wait, I lied. Being retarded is one of life's greatest virtues.

Hello. Gouche on unsuitable paper?! For shame! Stormtroopnatomy is off?! For shame!

It's a half baked idea. But I want to get it up before I forget about it. It needs to be funnier or scarier. I don't think it can do both.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kronosaurus Day

I finally found a Niji Waterbrush. So I loaded it with Sumi-e and did some lame stuff.

Spacekimos from memory with the niji pen. Falcoon is responsible for the zipper crazy. Gotta draw every tooth in the zipper. Why? We're crazy.
Wonky stuff. Yes, those are totally 2142 wheels on the VW. And is that the Bodyguard? No she has something coming out of her armpit. What is that!? Lame Lame. . .

All from photos except the girl there. . . she's a church goer. I get a kinda likeness from that kind of drawing. Except I'm going in too small and not looking enough. I should be filling sketchbooks with those kinda drawings instead of getting a half dozen for the whole thing. I need to ride buses more.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oviraptor Day

More figure drawing from the side campaign. Once again, sorry about the photo quality. I'm actually rather pleased with how this turned out.

a photo that I kinda liked. All I do now is go around and look at cast shadows. Too intriguing.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Saltopus Day

You get figure drawings today. All in the last week or so. Once again, bad photos are bad. Not so wonderful drawings either. *sigh

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Grallator Day

A low week in the semester. I'm drawing like mad but I'm not seeing any work. You know the feeling? Seriously, I'm suppose to be drawing comps and I draw this. This is like. . . everything I ever draw ever. They're everywhere! I think I can get away with that. And I do.

I assume I can just take pictures with my camera phone and get away with posting those. It is some what apparent that it is working. I'm still devising my photographing rig. Until then, keep both pant legs secure.

A gesture! Yay. The rest of the figure drawings from this class a sneak into turned out as horrible pictures. So, I'll have to photograph them with camera awesome instead of camera not awesome. I liked it so I posted it.
9x12 China marker. A head drawing from that head drawing another class I sneak into. I like the view from below. It suddenly makes it noble. Five minutes maybe. The time there is short so I have to blitzkrieg drawings.

9 x12 china marker. Another stealth head drawing. I sure draw a lot of women.

Oh, this photo came around. Still it's bad but, you can see it. I don't know about this drawing of a monk warrior (mo/w). I don't think anyone else knows either.

More camera phone photos from just plain life. I love that horrible little camera. If you're here for just drawings and painting and those alone. . .you'd better get a life quick. Artisting life is the best life but, where do artists come from?! Think about that.

All the trees are blooming with these here flowerings. This is a plum tree.

So I went to the No Fear tour concert at this forsaken place out at the Great Salt Lake, The Great Saltair. Seriously! It's surreal like Half-Life 2 out there. I could've sworn I saw some antlions and headcrabs out there. I took this awesome sunset picture there.

Yeah, as you may have guessed, we went all the way out there just to see Dragonforce! It was worth every penny and every fist fight.