Monday, June 25, 2007

anything except necrons

In words of Dn'D Greg, "Hey, quit biting my style!". You'd know if you knew. And if you knew there was two things to know. . .well, holy crap! Experimenting with analytic lighting(?) today. Strangely enough, this was a request. No. . . not the dune buggy. That was left my own devices. I could've picked anything. Except Necrons. I really wanted to put Necrons, but I decided that I'd stick to the facts.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

old school approach: crystal fluxes

I keep looking at the above and saying. . .heck yeah~! and then below. . .
Watch out for the paradigm shift! Painted lineart is old school!

not my original character. Anyway, we were drawing like the turn of the century. And I decided to try an older approach. Except painting knowledge enhanced it. Fun, but not fantastic. It's strangely disappointing.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

s-partan girl

another study from photo. block pencil technique. Though once it got huge it stop looking like that. Wery nice. Time? Should have finished this a couple days ago. Amazing how nothing keeps one busy, yes?

Aaanyway, if I don't get some eskimos, ninjas, or mecha on here soon the reality of this place will collapse. Man, I'm missing it. Not that I don't love doing studies, it's just the sketchbook is suffering in undernourishment. Mount up! We've got a lot of painting and or drawing to do!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

in the woodsen

315x590 original sized - - pixel pushing
photoshop, hard pencil, no colour sampling
ref photo used
6-8 hours (?)

Dart! This surprised me. It was like Ray Charles shot eye beams at me.

It's a great tradition to paint people skipping around in the woods. The theme of this piece was to use the hard pencil. Which I'm liking more than gradated tools. Me thinks it stems from oekaki days. I have a horrible feeling that's going to make a violent come back. The other theme was warm or cool or die. Mostly dying. . . this took me more than a days study. Which is too long for taste. . . add salt for taste.

In other news:
Wasatch Winds Concert triumphs with searing brass
400m breaststoke taps an island and a plains and gains 6am first strike

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stickittothemanasaurus Rex

Another study. Done in photoshop only using the hard pencil tool. Which I've decided rules over the paintbrush on a gold encrusted throne. Ref provided from DA

Hail to Acrassicauda ! The triumphant Iraqi heavy metal band!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday is a special day

"Saturday is pleinair day! Get your paint on!"

A huge track-hoe in the decimated land where the Geneva Steel plant once was. It was behind a chain link fence is surprisingly easy to paint through. The colours aren't as accurate as I want them to be, but I still think this piece is very successful.

An old truck out in Vineyard, Utah. Painted on site. Much closer than going out to Spring City or Wellsville. We're on a never ending hunt for old and also maybe abandoned things to paint. With good light, colour, and shadows of course.

Never thought I'd be caught painting flowers, particularly Irises. But, I had fun doing it and I might in the future do it again. Maybe. It was challenging to describe planes as the light changed. But as long as I stuck to the warm and cool colour combos, I'd make it through. The end.

Oh yeah, we're on a rampage!