Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday is a special day

"Saturday is pleinair day! Get your paint on!"

A huge track-hoe in the decimated land where the Geneva Steel plant once was. It was behind a chain link fence is surprisingly easy to paint through. The colours aren't as accurate as I want them to be, but I still think this piece is very successful.

An old truck out in Vineyard, Utah. Painted on site. Much closer than going out to Spring City or Wellsville. We're on a never ending hunt for old and also maybe abandoned things to paint. With good light, colour, and shadows of course.

Never thought I'd be caught painting flowers, particularly Irises. But, I had fun doing it and I might in the future do it again. Maybe. It was challenging to describe planes as the light changed. But as long as I stuck to the warm and cool colour combos, I'd make it through. The end.

Oh yeah, we're on a rampage!

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GhettoFab said...

wow incredible stuff rob! Youre rockin the joint