Thursday, June 21, 2007

s-partan girl

another study from photo. block pencil technique. Though once it got huge it stop looking like that. Wery nice. Time? Should have finished this a couple days ago. Amazing how nothing keeps one busy, yes?

Aaanyway, if I don't get some eskimos, ninjas, or mecha on here soon the reality of this place will collapse. Man, I'm missing it. Not that I don't love doing studies, it's just the sketchbook is suffering in undernourishment. Mount up! We've got a lot of painting and or drawing to do!


GhettoFab said...

dood youre rockin the joint!!

Dillon Thompson said...

Dood you are rocking the joint. Nice cools and warms in the flesh.

Aaron said...

that is aswome rob!! good job man wow!

Roc said...

Dood you're rockin the joint!

seriously your work is fantastic. great blog. glad i found it.


Gonzo said...

Rob man this is beautiful.