Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stickittothemanasaurus Rex

Another study. Done in photoshop only using the hard pencil tool. Which I've decided rules over the paintbrush on a gold encrusted throne. Ref provided from DA

Hail to Acrassicauda ! The triumphant Iraqi heavy metal band!


Jaxon said...

Hey Robbasaurus,
Remember on Final Fantasy II, which was actually Final Fantasy IV but here in The States we have different math than they do in the orient, when your character would pass out or fall asleep or get clubbed or just generally lose consciousness and the melancholy music would play and you'd wake up in the Sylph cavern and the graphics would get all pixelatedey to approximate bleary vision??? That's what this reminds me of, like I went on the internet, lost consciousness and woke up in your blog and this beautiful painting of a sylph-like girl was staring down at me, restoring my HP but not my MP, lousy tease, but what I wanted to say was nice painting!

Megalaros said...

Probably the finest comment I've received dealing with regaining HP. Sorry about the MP thing. You'll just have to find an ether or something.

Aaron said...

ROB!! this is aswome! good job, i need to do that excersise. good stuff.

Aaron said...

also, am i mistaked or have i been promoted? from pvt. to pfc. ha ha you rock like a iraqui heavy metal band.