Thursday, April 26, 2007

Regnosaurus Day

I just post for the Nunavut. So you get more silly garbage. But they all make me laugh until it hurts. Wait, I lied. Being retarded is one of life's greatest virtues.

Hello. Gouche on unsuitable paper?! For shame! Stormtroopnatomy is off?! For shame!

It's a half baked idea. But I want to get it up before I forget about it. It needs to be funnier or scarier. I don't think it can do both.


paper-muncher said...

Yeah, keep posting these. It's fun to see the process.
What is that? Fish out of water or something? I love the shark's nose. Wanna punch it and see if that saying is true. What are you gonna do with this?

Aaron said...

dude you got the most elaborate imagatin i have ever seen. good job man.

Dillon Thompson said...

I want to tr and use my wacom as a paddle flotation device. The shark will just think I am a baby seal and want a taste.