Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pleinairasaurus Day

I've been away on a pleinair tour of duty. The extent of my campaign went from the Siege of Wellsville, the Stalemate of Spring City, and the bloody Battle for Kolob Canyon. Despite high painting causality rate, we were mightily victorious! Hail to my wingmen and to our mighty benefactors!

The bad-A church. More than hundred years old (Europeans snickering. You know it.)

A transcendental truck in the dimensional rift in opened in Spring City. I can't even describe what it was like. Post apocalyptic spirit world. I came second away from discovering my spirit animal. Does the truck look white? ~ I dunno.

I pretty much made this a cartoon of something so magnificent that you really can't. . . never mind. You'll have just have to see it for yourself.

EDIT: I fixed the photos. Now they are better than they were.


Aaron said...

man nice patings lovin the truck and the church. lookin great!!

Dillon Thompson said...

Cool Rob. These are the most colorfull whites I have ever seen, they are almost turning green.

It loos like you guys did some red rocks. Something about a moose head.

Gonzo said...

Hey rob,
your stuff looks great man. i got you those images of the church i took for you from spring city but i need your e-mail and ill send them to you ok?

Travis Petersen said...

Robino you are my hero man. the pictures dont even do justice to your magnificint talent. you've got to show-gun the way?