Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day

Thursday Nights Drawing. This is the hour long pose. A hard one at that. I'm not allowed to draw were the light makes sense. So I'm standing on the surface on the sun drawing the model here. So squinting and shaking my head here is in order. It wasn't took long I was in a room full of amputees trying to grab live fish off the floor in hospital gowns. How come that movie didn't have a Jacob or a Ladder in it.

Close up of the face. I love how if the area got complicated I just turned it into an nebulous smoke screen mass. It's like I was pinned down by their machine gunner and had to get out of the line of sight.

Ten minute gesture. Everything I touch turns into a Spacekimo.
5-10 minute gesture(?). The legs were crossed so it got confusing.
5-10 minute gesture. I thought this one was a goner. However; I slowed down and looked and measured. I don't know what happened. But whatever it was it was awesome. Vector thrusting paint strokes.


Grassman said...

Really diging the gestures. really good for that short of time

Dillon Thompson said...

Dude Rob, the bottom one is probably my favorite still. The block in has such a loose look and the overal form has good overlaping lines. I think those are my favorite aspects of your early drawing stages.

Aaron said...

man your gestures are lokin great! its amazing what you pull off in a short amount of time.

paper-muncher said...

I love your bottom gesture (no, not the gesture of the bottom...)

Beingandy said...

I like the smokey nebulae its got good shape.