Monday, March 26, 2007

Bruhathkayosaurus Day

4x6 Gouche on board

I copped out and painted the sun in the corner. All I needed to do was add some of those 'w' birds. That'd totally make it awesome.

Five girls talking about bulimia. All named Katelyn, plain Kate, or Plain Kate. "Katelyn! You don't understand! I have bulimia! I feel trapped." Sitting in a giant wicker chair.
Run! Flee! A montage!
Thanks to Glen Keane's Eagle Fact Sheet I sorta know how to draw an eagle.
I don't even know myself. Visual synthesis. No, you'll have to tell me what the heck it is.

Trees and various pole vaulter positions. I used to pole vault. I almost died. I almost died it a vicious skull cracking.

I taught a third grade class how to draw the basic shapes today. I didn't give kids enough credit until today. They were so well disciplined and eager to learn. I've never seen people so excited about life than these kids! Absolutely inspiring. The lesson went rather well. I didn't get as much as I wanted in but, they're just kids and they had just gotten out of recess. So cool~


Dillon Thompson said...

Yeah. I thought I had seen the last of you. I knew you would return, and when you did you would blow us away. Awsome stuff, one of the nicest dumps I think I have seen at one time. You are by far the king of metal.

Grassman said...

Great Drawings... and a painting! Good job seperating darks, mids, lights, and frogs

Aaron said...

your faces come out strong! good job man. i also like that picture of the monks with the building in the back ground. was that out of your head? looks good either way.

GhettoFab said...

kik ass post Rob!! Great renders and awesome painting!wow

paper-muncher said...

And yet no trace of the sun on her shirt...I would have loved to have been in third grade yesterday. I'm glad it went well. You do lots of things.

Ryan said...

Rob, you are an awsome artist.