Saturday, May 03, 2008


9x13 Acrylic

I don't think I'll get around to finishing this so I'm going to post it. It was an experiment dealing with time. Time. . . time travel(?). . .time leaping(?).


Gonzo said...

Nice man. Dude im still waiting to see your stuff from your BFA Show. How did everything turn out?
anyways keep in touch.

Tom Scholes said...

Awesome Rob!

paper-muncher said...

Time-leaking and time-winding. These are the only things it could be.

Unless you were going for time-locking (in which it is a far cry) or time-blogging (which you did afterward, so it doesn't really count) or time-dreaming (which is just confusing, considering time-daydreaming isn't even possible yet), but they are all in the past, except for the future times which still lay ahead.

Your painting: isn't it about...time?

Grassman said...

so is this oil?

this is awesome