Monday, July 21, 2008

World Eater

However; if you're going to side with a chaos god. . . pick Khorne. He's brutal god of death, battle, and blood. Unlike the other chaos gods, he has his own code of honour. No stealth, trickery, sorcery, or even firepower compares to the grinding force of the chainaxe. Few things satisfy a chaos enthusist more than a land raider dumping ten berzerkers onto doomed foe. There are so many attacks in the assault that I have to roll an entire box of dice and them some.

Oh, Bolt Thrower lieks these guys too. Almost as much as they liek mudkips.

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Aaron said...

ROB!!! ha ha good to see that you are still kickin butt! good to see this stuff man! you are rocking! keep up the good work man! give me a call if you want to hang/draw some time. see ya!