Monday, August 25, 2008

Night Lords

The Night Lords are near my favorite traitor legion. Utilizing speed and terror tactics they strike quickly without mercy. Never been too big of a fan of the bat-winged helmets but they've started to grow on me. I also it interesting they ally themselves with none on the chaos gods. Instead they follow their own interests wreaking havoc across the Imperium.


Dillon Thompson said...

Dude these have nice colors. Its got kid of a art nue vough meets brom.

paper-muncher said...

Yeah, this is way good, Rob. You are the master of cute faces and warriors of disaster. Dang.

Kodanshi said...

I also love the Night Lords for exactly the same reasons (the CSM version of Raven Guard, in my opinion). Moreover, they paint LIGHTNING onto their armour. Auto–win!