Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As much as I'd love piles of dead Tyranids, I'm quite tired of this painting. It's taken me way to long. I've really got to do these simpler and faster. Besides, these marines (likeness is property of Games Workshop) look so pristine. This was done pixel-painterly. Someday soon I'll break out the oils again. I've been very low on supplies since the pleinair trips.


Aaron said...

i like the marines, good painting. the sketches of your church people are great also. have a good summa!

Student said...

Really nice man! I really like the lighting it creates a compelling mood.

Aaron said...

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i know that you are really busy and probaly dont have time for it but i thought that i wuld include you all the same! just in case. so anyway this weeks subject is A SPIDERS EDEUCATION!......yip. so let me know if you want to post anything and i will add you to the admin list. see ya suka!

Grassman said...

overall Its great and I love how you pull that out of your head.

Give me one touch of red underneath the background box that is somewhat linear and not boringly designed for unification purposes. Develope those higher areas of contrast with sharper edges, etc.

let meknow if your interested..

ATTN: Artists, Utah Valley emerging Representational Artists Group Show, Paul Grass Fine Art Gallery

To all artistts that have recieved this

Tentatively the last first weekend of October till the first weekend of November we will be officially opening the Paul Grass Fine Art Gallery and our first show will be for our group of artists, the Utah Valley Emerging Representational Artists group show.

If interested please have at least 1 painting or drawing no smaller than 11 X 14 to up to 3 drawings or paintings no larger than a total of 40 X 40.

It has to be figurative and it can be any medium of your choice. If you have recieved this I feel like your stuff is good enough that I want you in the show.


Dillon Thompson said...

Nice value range. Like the the gears theme too.