Thursday, July 19, 2007



Aaron said...

nice one dude!

Dillon Thompson said...

The righres pixle pushing is a cool technique.

meg dinnell said...

you keep getting better and better

Grassman said...


very accurate right hand. nailed the shape.


1. squint squint squint, 2. do 5000 thumbnails for an interesting composition 3. do 200 fist prints for value 4. do 100 color studies 5. do exactly what you just did and just make 1 or two sublte value variations.

you kick ask

but definatle don't do that high sociaty middle of the picture plaine sargent head in the middle. sargent hatted doing that.

also, make some darker variations near the edages just for a little more vairtye

Hanie said...

Totally rocking. I love her boots.