Monday, August 06, 2007

sketchbook blunders for late July

Super busy recently. I actually should be doing working on the Cougar's engine right now but I've decided to update this blog. Lucky you! Starting with Church drawings. Top right is probably the nicest drawing I've ever done in my opinion. Though my opinion is easily swayed. As I have fallen in with the ruinous powers (nudge nudge)
So it appears that the forces of Chaos will become a permanent fixture here. Done on Friday the thirteenth. That web address on there I might visit some time. It was supposed to be a good cure all or something.
Part of an expirement. Ahh~
Church. Testimony meeting gets to draw fast. Unless they get wordy. Which the better drawings were probably the wordier people. And a nice braid.
So I was looking through my OLD drawings. Like the 1998 Japanimationesque drawings. I sure tried really hard. Anyway, I had all this scrap paper in there with like. . . one tiny drawing on it. So I took all that paper out and put in into my "draw on this paper" pile. So I was basically taking those tiny lame head and making them 'current'. It's cool because I knew what I was trying to do.

This head is darling! I don't think I meant to draw kids but I think that they look like them. And ruinous powers again.
Choas Gwen-chan. It is very unfortunate that GWEN comes out the day school starts. I'm so doomed this semester. I guess it's sisters of battleesque more than. . . bleh`

HH stuff. Flying headbutts. Bison. Ruinous powers.
Bear uzis and homer simpson(?).

I still love my Niji brush. Occasionally when geeking out I'll draw this kinda stuff. We got terminators this time.

More niji.
Even more Niji. . .and an AK!
Orks and orcs.
And an ork. Everday a bigger dork than yesterday.


Dillon Thompson said...

Very fun stuff here Rob. Did I see a Troglodite hiden beneath Trog armor?

When are we going to get our paint on?

paper-muncher said...

-Jess grovels-

Aaron said...

nice stuff man, really good sketches