Saturday, February 17, 2007

Feb 17, Futabasaurus Day

Some Battle Angel Alita copies today. Yukito Kishiro is one of three of what I'd consider the holy trinity of manga. The other two being Otomo Kasuhiro and Shirow Masamune. I've happened upon copies of the Original Alita series so I'm reading it again. Reading it very very slowy, studying the art (as well as the story).

Comics are read fast. They supposed to be. But I know first hand that the artist (especially when they are acting as the single creator) works very long. So this is an attempt to appreciate. So I'm copying to understand. Picking his brain? Maybe a bit of reverse engineering. Now that I know how an artist thinks, I can understand more about a specific process. Which proves beneficial.

Or I just wanted to draw Alita. . .

Here's Yukito's website

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Dillon said...

Sweet!! Its all about smart armor manga chicks. Or hard suit animae babes. Or screaming pissed off eskimos. I love the shot of your workspace too.