Sunday, February 11, 2007

First blood: Moving Targets

I've posted regiment of sketches from my sketchbook! I should go about introducing myself, but I'll take care of that later. This is exactly what I was afraid of. Even with all my animosity I have towards blogs, blogger, blogs with links to more blogs, and blogs with links to blogs with links to blogs, I've caved and erected a Sketch Blog to end all my prior sketch blogs. However; if things do not run according to plan, this blog will end in a fiery detonation that will fall upon the deaf ears of snow country children. Enough of my whining. In fact the first rule of my blog will be. . .

1. No whining. It's dumb and it wastes time.

75% of the time I'm drawing from memory. Except that doesn't make any sense. Ever since I started drawing on regular ol' 25 lbs. copier paper things are different. It's not really a skechbook. It's like. . . "run around and think I'm the top of cool book". But really, I'm not.

Recently I've become less afraid to draw in public. So while in public, I draw the public. Which for anyone who hasn't done that yet, you must try it! It is very rewarding.

Probably only my second best helicopter. Which isn't going to help us.

It's fun to draw moving targets. It's like the hybrid of memory drawing a referenced drawing. Like on the left here. She was actually bent over in half. But by the time I got the basic shapes in she sat up and scooted back. Luckily I was far enough along that I could make this more finished. I'm not very good at finishing my drawings. I also like the roughness of it. Then you can write retarded stuff around it.

The hardest part about moving target drawing is not the moving subject. But the stuff in the way of the subject. If I'm trying to draw someone across a hallway from me and someone passes in front of my field of vision, a lose where my eyes were. It's like communication was cut.

She was actually holding still pretty well. I'm pretty dang close too. It's very uncommon to be noticed.

This one on the other hand was drawn when the subject was on the other side of a big room. At least 10 yards away. My eyes will scramble information so it's quite difficult. Excellent exercises in simplification.

It has been rumored that I can only draw Eskimos, jets, and guns. I'd dispel these rumors if they were not true.

Lets hope this blog catches on. If not, well, I'll find another way.


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Dillon said...

Rob I love the sketchbook pages. I am in love with spacekimos and stormtroopers. We should call them spacetroopskimos?