Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feb 20, Stegosaurus Day

Whoa ho ho, guess who forgot their paints today. You're looking at 8.5x11 drawing in col-erase. I didn't have anything else bigger. . . ;_; But it's a charming drawing I'd say.

I've been on internet hiatus, so I haven't been near a computer this weekend. I'm feeling healthier than I did. However; while I have a new exercise routine, I'm burning energy I do not have. Also, I'm not getting enough sleep to support that either. So, the body will sleep when IT wants to. Which is all the time.

And some drawings from church. Some of these look pretty frightening.

I summoned a Tarrasque at the Talent Show though. I totally played the Azumanga Diaoh Shingakki theme on the recorder! While I think I'm clever. . . I'm really not.


Ryan said...

Great blog, man.

Dillon said...

Good work. Don't give up on your dreams. Divine proprotions.