Monday, February 26, 2007

Minmi Paravertabra Day

The moment, the very moment it becomes easy enough to use a scanner again I will. Until then, we're stuck with crumby photos. Also, if I was more apt to finish things. Even sketches. But I'm liking these few. So, subsist.

Lets see, we've got a minitank. I mean, that's pretty cool. . . I guess.

More from 'real' life drawing. I didn't think tiny mouths were real until today. Like the pursed lips on Alita I thought was a made up stylistic thing. No, they exist. Like the mouth in this drawing is seriously slightly bigger than real life. She'd yawn and it just a tiny square. You learn a lot of stuff from things like this.

An poor f-16 jetnatomy drawing. Olga and Snake made a surprise appearance. Which needs more justice but what are you going to do. Was happy that'd I kept going after that.

Enough for today. I gotta figure out a photographing rig or something. Till next time kiddos.

1 comment:

Dillon said...

Woh. You have been a buisy blogging boondongle. I have never seen these. You are full of tankskimos.